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Imagine your brand all over a Live Sporting event streaming around the world, Announcers talking about your products. Live in event demos.

Companies seeking to promote their brand, build their reputation and develop deeper customer relationships often team up with a sporting organization or associate themselves closely with a sporting event. This offers them massive exposure as the millions of fans and viewers who tune into sports events across the globe see the brands in question many hundreds of times.

Flagship sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, which capture the imagination, stir the emotions and inflame the passions of fans across the globe, are extremely effective international corporate marketing platforms from which a company can create awareness, enhance its image and foster goodwill

As the digital dimension sweeps the sports sponsorship scene, athlete association and endorsement is becoming increasingly more prominent for brands trying to connect with new fans and the current trends are indicating that they are only going to become more valuable in the future. Nielsen analysis carried out on more than 15,000 athlete-owned Instagram accounts shows a spike in the number of branded content posts, recently growing 58%.

Sponsorship is not just about money
A good sponsor can add considerable value by, for example, becoming the sport’s
primary advertiser and creating great brand exposure. In the longer term, this benefit
may be of more value than the direct sponsorship income initially received.
Successful sponsorship relationships require significant investment and commitment
from both parties.


The Time is now

New brand partnerships are now reaping the rewards of the digital activation and athlete association. An example of this is the official launch video for TikTok’s UEFA EURO 2020 sponsorship. The 35-second football mashup clip features some of the greatest moments in tournament history and today’s biggest stars including Robert Lewandowski, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Memphis Depay and Antoine Griezmann. In February, it generated more than 6 million views and 160,000 interactions on TikTok profiles owned by UEFA and TikTok. Viewership of the video was 89% higher when compared to the average post on @tiktok_it and 145% higher than the average post on @uefa2020 during the month of February. 

Aside from increasing engagement, digital activation allows brands to review near real-time metrics and adjust campaigns instantaneously to increase fan impact. It also enables brands to react fast and capitalize on the magic moments on the pitch, in the pool or on the track to fully leverage their associations with live events. 

Understanding Key Performance Indicators before starting a campaign and having the ability to compare metrics across platforms and tie back to brand impact has never been more important. Consequently, Star Sports has developed an all-in-one interactive dashboard to enable a granular understanding of the effects of digital campaigns by tracking performance, personalities, audience and how everything impacts perception and brand equity.

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