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Gone are the days where marijuana and cannabis medicine are associated with the negative stigma of “stoner culture.” What once was a symbol of laziness and as low paced lifestyle has now become a beacon of hope within healthcare, a cornerstone in the fitness and wellness industries, and even a central component for top-tier professional athletes.

The next iteration? The Wheaties Box/Gatorade sponsorship of the hemp industry. Athletes are now becoming “sponsored” by CBD brands, leading them to be the face of their chosen cannabis company. This furthers the destigmatization, normalizing CBD while showing the public that cannabis isn’t all about getting blazed, playing video games, and eating Cheetos (power to you if it is, though).

If you actually think about it for say, 30 seconds, it all makes sense. CBD is known to help with pain management (a huge component in an athlete’s life), and it can aid with recovery, allowing athletes to train harder and better, and potentially for more years. Given how much of a beating their bodies take, it’s shocking that CBD hasn’t come into the picture sooner.

Star Sports Leagues will be tournaments that will feel like events and parties.

Sponsor tents, Food trucks, demos and Sports.

Imagine a Beach Volleyball tournament with your name on it with a tent showing off your products to thousands on America’s most beautiful beaches.

Star Sports is opening up for the first time, Sponsorship opportunities to the cannabis industry.

Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis companies, growers, products can all sponsor.

We own the leagues so you can own the name…We do not test for THC in any sport…We want athletes to feel comfortable in competition.

There will never be another opportunity for the Industry to have influence in Sports like this…

We will open up 100% Sponsorship to the Industry. After that we will take a more traditional approach.

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